Pure. Organic. Quality.

Top Hat Shiitake mushrooms aren’t your average mushrooms. These FAQ’s will help you understand exactly why Top Hat is superior when it comes to Organic Shiitake.

Q:  Are Top Hat mushrooms gown in the USA?

A:  Not only are Top Hat mushrooms grown entirely in the USA, the blocks that they grow on are created in house.  It is becoming increasingly hard to find mushrooms grown entirely in the USA since China has begun importing substrate and spawn on a large scale.  Top Hat has it’s own spawn lines, its own manufacturing for the blocks, and everything is done completely in house.

Q:  Does Top Hat support sustainable farming practices?

A:  Yes!  Top Hat minimizes our ecological footprint by using renewable resources. We use solar power, and slow sand water filters.  We are also proud of our full circle farming practices by hammering down spent fruiting blocks and curating a rich compost on our wharf right here on the farm.

Q:  Are Top Hat Shiitake mushrooms Organic?

A:  Yes!  Our Shiitake mushrooms are 100% Organic.  You never have to worry about pesticides or other harmful chemicals.  What we put into our bodies matters, and we wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t safe, pure and simply the best.  Look for our stamps of approval from the USDA. Click here for a closer look at our Organic Shiitake mushrooms.

Q:  Does Top Hat follow Food Safety guidelines?

A:  Absolutely.  Top Hat takes food safety very seriously.  We follow strict regulations and guidelines to ensure that every mushroom that leaves our facility is safe.  Look for our stamp of approval from Primus GFS.  Click here for a closer look at our Food Safety information.

Q:  Are Top Hat mushrooms good tasting?

A:  If you were to have a blind test with our Shiitake mushrooms and a Chinese mushroom, we can almost guarantee that you will love the taste of the Top Hat Shiitake.  Hands down, it tastes richer, more fresh, and has a better texture than the imported fungi.  Our mushrooms are more fresh, certified Organic, and are not genetically modified.  They are as close to wild as you can get in the USA.  You can check out our How to Prepare page for ideas on cooking Shiitake mushrooms.