Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

 Organically Grown in Oregon

Our mushrooms are not just any mushrooms. Our specialty Organic Shiitake mushrooms are grown in Oregon with pride. We use only domestic ingredients for our growing blocks that are manufactured right here on our farm. Ensuring that all our ingredients are domestic helps our farming neighbors through partnerships that create sustainability and trust. Manufacturing our own mushroom blocks guarantees that we maintain precision and quality from inoculation to fruiting. Our mushroom strains were developed right here on the farm through years of strategic selections and in-house mycology. Our strains are 100% natural and never genetically modified or engineered. Computer controlled environments create the most precise growing environment possible. Our careful and precise growing methods produce high quality Shiitake mushrooms with a rich meaty texture and a lovely delicious earthy aroma.

Our farm is Food Safety Certified, and Certified Organic. Are you ready to taste the difference?

Large organic Shiitake Mushrooms

Large Organic Shiitake

Greater than 2.3 inches in diameter
5 lb case

Great for grilling or BBQ, roasting, stuffing, or braised for the center of the plate.


Medium Organic Shiitake

Between .9 and 2.25 inches in diameter
5 lb case

The most versatile size; slice and sauté, add to soup, stuff, broil, chop and blend with ground meat.

Large organic Shiitake Mushrooms

Petite Organic Shiitake

Between .70 and .80 inches in diameter
5 lb case

The true “eat it all” Shiitake. Great for sautéing, pasta, soup, stir fry and more.


No. 2 Organic Shiitake

Various sizes that are not considered top quality
5 lb case

An economical option when aesthetics is not a top priority.
4 oz Shiitake Clamshells
6 oz Shiitake Clamshells
12 oz Shittake Clamshell - square crop


4oz, 6oz and 12oz

Clamshells prepackaged for your convenience, proportioned for your recipe needs.

Our Guarantees

Our mushrooms are 100% Organic

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