Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are my mushrooms still good to eat?

Typically, the mushrooms will last for several weeks in a refrigerated environment. Mushrooms may dry out and shrink or shrivel if they are very old. You can choose to reconstitute them in water, dry them for making powder, or discard them. Discard mushrooms if they are slimy, or have a rotten odor.

Are the stems edible?

Yes! Shiitake stems are edible, but are more tough than the caps, so some chefs save them to add to soup stock. Petite Shiitake mushrooms have more tender stems and can be used stem and all.

Are your Shiitake mushrooms gluten free and kosher?

Yes! All Shiitake mushrooms are inherently gluten free and kosher. 

Do I need to wash my Shiitake?

No. Top Hat Shiitake mushrooms do not need to be washed before cooking / eating. Please note that they should be cooked before eating. For the safety of our consumers, we do not advocate eating Shiitake mushrooms raw.

Do my Shiitake need to be cooked?

Yes, Shiitake should be cooked before eating.

Cooking to at least 293 degrees F removes the risk of developing Shiitake Dermatitis.

How are your Shiitake mushrooms grown?

Our Shiitake mushrooms are grown on 100% US mushroom substrate. We never use any imported ingredients or components for our process to ensure you get the best quality, locally grown mushrooms farm to table!

How do I apply to work for Top Hat Mushrooms?

We have job applications available on our employment page. Simply fill out the form in English or Spanish, and stay tuned to hear from our team.

¿Cómo solicito trabajar para Top Hat Mushrooms?

Tenemos solicitudes de empleo disponibles en nuestra página de empleo. Simplemente complete el formulario en inglés o español y permanezca atento para saber de nuestro equipo.

What stores carry your product?

We are adding new retailers all the time, but we try to keep it up to date. Our organic Shiitake mushrooms are available at select Costco locations as well as other retailers. Check back later for a more comprehensive list.

Why do you use non-recyclable clamshells?

We get asked by many devout fans why we use non-recyclable clamshell packaging. So this post is going to dive deep into this concern, because we at Top Hat agree that conserving the planet is essential. (Pssst. Clamshells ARE recyclable, and we will show you how!)

You may not know that when a food producer chooses a package, they test many many types of packaging. The packages are filled with the food product and then a comprehensive scientific study known as a “shelf life study” is conducted. The rate of spoilage over time is calculated, as well as various other factors. The packages that work best are then contenders for the food producer.

Here at Top Hat, after many months of study, we found that clamshell packaging preserved the mushrooms best, and extended their shelf life by weeks. Other packaging materials did not help to safeguard our Shiitake, and they spoiled quickly.

Our Guarantees

Our mushrooms are 100% Organic

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