Compliance & Certifications

Certified Organic, sustainable, pure growth. Superior taste, rigorous food safety, 3rd party PrimusGFS Certification for trust and quality.

Certified Organic

 Sustainable. Responsible. Ecologically Balanced.

Free of pesticides, additives, and harmful chemicals, Top Hat Shiitake mushrooms are grown with purity and completely sustainable farming practices. From the production of the mushroom blocks, and through the life cycle of the Shiitake itself, until it returns to the soil in the form of Organic mushroom compost, we work with nature and her renewable resources to nurture and improve our planet, one Shiitake at a time.

It is our responsibility and our privilege to be good stewards of the land. The soil, the plants, and every part of our ecosystem is a balance that requires careful conservation. Our organically grown Shiitake mushrooms taste far superior to conventionally grown mushrooms because they are pure, growing from natures true bounty without chemicals, sprays, or genetic mutations.

Organic Mushroom Compost

 Plant-based. Sustainable.

Bringing our farming practices full-circle, our Organic Shiitake mushroom compost not only ensures we have no waste product but also allows us to produce a nutrient packed compost that can be reintroduced to our environment. In a way, composting is at the root of sustainable agriculture. Soil enrichment is one way we can ensure that our ecological footprint is minimized.

Our Organic Shiitake mushrooms are grown on plant based blocks manufactured in-house. After harvesting the Shiitake, the block is then pounded down and transported to our composting facility where it is turned and allowed to do what compost does best. Microbes, worms and other Organic material breaks down the mushroom and plant matter aerobically, creating carbon dioxide and heat, which can be seen as steam rising from our beautifully rich compost. The compost is turned to introduce more oxygen, ensuring a healthy product ready to introduce to the soil once again.

Our Commitment to Food Safety

 Rest Assured.

Top Hat Mushrooms is committed to providing not only a great tasting Shiitake mushroom, but also a safe product, grown and harvested with the utmost care and compliance to our strict Food Safety standards. Our Food Safety Program and certification makes us unique in the industry – Trailblazing the way to bringing safely grown Shiitake mushrooms to the consumer.

Our Mission

The mission of our Food Safety program is to protect the consumer from the threat of contamination and to reduce the potential for food borne illnesses by following Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices throughout our entire organization.

It is our goal to give our customers the finest, most wholesome foods possible. We are committed to taking the necessary steps to implement and maintain a sound Food Safety Management Program. Although we cannot eliminate all hazards, we will do everything possible to reduce hazards through preventative measures.

To oversee the thoroughness of our program, we have a certified, independent, 3rd party auditing company conduct on-site audits and report their findings. We are proud of our impeccable Food Safety ratings, and continue to strive to provide the safest, most pure, Shiitake mushrooms to our customers.

With these priorities in mind, we commit to always ensure that the food we grow and sell does not place any customers or consumers at risk of injury or illness, and that it meets everyone’s quality expectations.

Growing Organic Shiitake mushrooms ethically, sustainably and with the highest standards of safety creates a superior operation. By meeting rigorous Food Safety standards, we ensure the wellness and safety of our consumers, workers, community, and family.

Rest assured that by being 3rd party PrimusGFS Certified we exceed the required standards for compliance. This means when you see our PrimusGFS logo, you know that a certified auditor has physically inspected our operation, processes and Food Safety Program, and has verified that we meet required standards. We are certified so you can be sure consumer safety is our highest priority.

Some components of our Food Safety Program verified by certified auditors include:

Our Food Safety Training Program

Our Food Safety department requires continual training on all subjects concerning Food Safety – Food Security, HACCP, Sanitation, GMPs, Personal Hygiene, Cross-Contamination, Product Quality, etc. This ensures our employees are aware that the safety of our workers, product and ultimately our customers are our highest priority.

Our Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)

Our GAPs include an Integrated Pest Management program, employee hygiene training, facility sanitation, glass and breakable materials policy, etc.

Our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

Following proper GMP’s guarantee that we are producing safe products. Daily inspections, logs and records are kept ensuring our process steps are compliant.

Our HACCP Program

Our HACCP program identifies any potential critical control points from growing through packing – and implementing safeguards to preventing any chemical, physical or biological contaminates throughout the process.

Our Product Cold Chain

Maintaining the proper Cold Chain is a critical element of our process. We require the highest standards to improve shelf life and drastically reduce microbial activities.

Our Sanitation Program

Top Hat Mushrooms is 3rd Party PrimusGFS Certified. This strict certification requires us to maintain an in-depth sanitation program throughout our entire operation and facilities. We pride ourselves in having one of the cleanest operations in the industry.

Primus GFS logo

We are Primus GFS certified, so you can be sure consumer safety is our highest priority.

Our Guarantees

Our mushrooms are 100% Organic

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