As 2019 moves full speed ahead, we have many exciting things happening on the farm, and off the farm, too!

Top Hat’s own Bill Lakey represented us at the Organicology trade show in Portland, Oregon. Bill provided samples of our very own Savory Shiitake Soup recipe.  (You can grab the recipe for yourself by checking out our how to prepare page.)

It was a wonderful opportunity to network, share our delicious Organic Shiitake mushrooms.  It’s also great to connect with other Organic farmers in our area.

Our exhibit was filled to the brim with mushroom growing blocks.  Bill also had fresh mushrooms of several sizes, recipes, flyers, and videos about our farm, our family, and our process.
Growing Organic food is more than growing without pesticides and chemicals.

We represent a diverse and healthy minded corner of produce trade.  Sustainability and our environment are ever at the forefront of our process.  Working together, at trade shows, or partnering with grocers and distributors, we can make a difference to keep our world beautiful and thriving for generations to come.

If you would like more information on how to provide Organic Top Hat Shiitake mushrooms in your store, contact us for more information!