This year has been hard.  For everyone.  We have seen so many changes, disruptions, interruptions and even tragedies.  For the families we live and work with, things have gone from right side up to upside down.  Through it all, we all stuck together.  Here is a little highlight of the year 2020.

The Year 2020 –  Just a Few of the Beautiful Things

Everyone hoarded the toilet paper….

and Top Hat designed beautiful new master cases.

And the mushrooms kept growing. 

Schools went to online distance learning…

and Top Hat helped put on a webinar with Georgia Pacific at the PMA Fresh Summit.

And the mushrooms kept growing. 

Lots of our neighboring business struggled.  We shopped local as much as we could, and were blessed to be in a position to expand our facility.

expansion project top hat mushrooms concrete pour

And the mushrooms kept growing. 

We launched our first ever recipe book to help our valued customers in the kitchen.  It features our favorite family recipes, and lots of tips for cooking with Shiitake

shiitake recipe book cover ebook
You can download your own copy of the recipe book here.

And the mushrooms kept growing. 

Then, people were still hoarding toilet paper, so….

we designed another master case, being the first in the industry to print on Kraft paper.

top hat mushrooms kraft printed boxes

And the mushrooms kept growing. 

We wore masks (still wear them) and sanitized (still do).  We watched the news and had virtual meetings.  We watched riots break out, and unrest grow.  We checked in on family members and friends over the phone….

And the mushrooms kept growing. 

Life Beyond Growing Mushrooms in 2020

The Corona virus took many lives, far before their time, and the world grieved.  As a little ray of sunshine amidst the world wide tragedy, the Gillette family welcomed a new member in May.  Baby Gillette was born in a hospital with no visitors, and masks abounding.

baby gillette

And the mushrooms kept growing. 

Some random lost sheep showed up on the farm and hung around for several months.  We wrangled them and had them checked for health, shorn, and adopted them after the USDA tracked their ear tags and found that their home flock was dismantled.  Welcome, Salt and Pepper!

sheep icelandic sheep icelandic

And the mushrooms kept growing. 

Fires devastated our foothills.  Black smoke and ash choked the sky for days.  Thousands of people lost their homes and businesses.  Animals were evacuated to fair grounds.  We watched people step up and take charge.  We witnessed beautiful acts of compassion.  People reached out and lent helping hands.  Humanity at it’s best shone brighter than the flames.

And, guess what? The mushrooms kept growing. 

2020 wasn’t for the faint at heart.  It was hard. But we did it together everyone.  We did it.  together.

Here’s to a long hard run, and to making it to the other side.  Here’s to a new year to come.  May 2021 be as beautiful as 2020 in all the right ways, and better in all the ways it possibly can be.   And…

May the mushrooms keep growing.