Shiitake Mushrooms that you can trust.

We are among the largest Organic Shiitake growers in the United States due to our continued commitment to providing great tasting, high quality Shiitake mushrooms at a fair price.

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Non GMO, pesticide free, all natural

We only feed our family the most natural products
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Food Safety Certified

When you know your food is safe, you can enjoy every bite

Grown 100% in the U.S.

All our mushrooms are grown in in-house using only US ingredients

Certified Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

 Take care of the people that are important to you.

Growing Organic Shiitake mushrooms isn’t just a business. It’s a vocation and a responsibility that we take very seriously. It’s a tradition that we hold very close to our hearts.

Shiitake mushrooms bring us closer together with each other, with nature, and with the world around us, and we hope it will bring us closer to you, too.

Our Products

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Making communities smile one tiny hat at a time.

We don’t feed our families unnatural chemicals, and we think you shouldn’t have to either. That’s why we grow 100% Organic Shiitake. When you know your food is safe, you can enjoy every bite.

In conversations we’ve had, people are asking for…

  • Locally grown
  • Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Not grown from imported substrate
  • Sustainable Farming
  • US grown from start to finish
  • 100% Organic

We are excited to offer you a solution to make a healthy change. Our Organic Shiitake Mushrooms are grown in Oregon, especially for you. From our farm, to your customers’ table. Our biggest source of pride? Providing the highest quality and safest product at an affordable price.

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If you’re looking for growth…

From shelf life to customer satisfaction, a lot goes into sourcing the right produce for your community and your bottom line. We aim to provide a product that increases your revenue while decreasing stress.

Our mushrooms are perfect if you…

  • Are looking to provide a unique product offering.
  • Have customers asking for Shiitake Mushrooms.
  • Are looking for something fresh and new.
  • Need something grown on 100% US substrate (not imported logs).
  • Want to market your relationship with local farmers.
  • Are tired of layers of red tape with larger conglomerates.
  • Want to expand your Organic section.

How to Prepare Shiitake Mushrooms

There is nothing like delicious, healthy, Organic Shiitake mushrooms to help you create a family tradition. For yesterday, today, and tomorrow…

Whether it’s grilling season or time to bundle up with warm soup, our family has a recipe for the occasion. Ready to dig in?

Sauteed Shiitake Mushroom
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5 lb box shiitake mushrooms
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Third Generation Family Owned & Operated

Top Hat Mushrooms, a family legacy since the 1970s, leads Organic Shiitake cultivation on our 200+ acre Oregon farm. Emphasizing sustainability with computer-controlled facilities and a small carbon footprint, we use plant-based compost and solar power. Committed to quality and trust, our family values nature, boasting a three-generation legacy on the farm.

The best part? It really isn’t about us. We are happy to serve stores and communities across the nation while working shoulder to shoulder with the people we love most. Our work is a way to give back to the people who have made our livelihood possible.

Thank you for joining us in the mission to provide sustainable, healthy options for every family in the U.S.

Our Process

The food industry isn’t simple, but working with us can be.

1. Reach Out

If you are a retailer or distributor, reach out through RangeMe, phone, or email to discuss your needs. We’ll ask about volume, timing, pricing, and logistics to ensure we are the right fit.

2. Vendor Approval & Setup

We put everything in order as our business relationship is established. Things like credit applications and terms are established at this stage.

3. Supply

Depending on our agreement, shipping or pickup takes place. Your customers will buy locally grown, Organic Shiitake while you see profit roll in.

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Alex Waite
October 13, 2022
Its pretty easy to create great meals when you have a superior product and these shitakes are that. Have really enjoyed cooking with them and talking to Robin about the care and thought that goes into the entire process. Simply the best.
Steven Laux
July 29, 2022
Great ownership.
Eric Garcia
February 7, 2022
Not a bad place so far kinda of a pain to get in here but we r truckers so it’s wasn’t that’s bad lol
Robert Madinger
February 13, 2021
Beautiful location and nice people

Our Guarantees

Our mushrooms are 100% Organic

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