Our Commitment to Food Safety

Top Hat  Mushrooms is committed to providing not only a superior tasting Shiitake mushroom, but also a safe product, grown and harvested with the utmost care and compliance to our strict Food Safety standards.

Growing Organic Shiitake mushrooms ethically, sustainably and with the highest standards of safety creates a superior operation.  By meeting rigorous Food Safety standards we ensure the wellness and safety of our consumers, workers and community.  
The mission of Top Hat Mushrooms, Inc.’s Food Safety program is to protect the consumer from the threat of contamination and to reduce the potential for food borne illnesses by following Good Agricultural Practices (GAP’s) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) throughout our entire organization.  Our program is benchmarked against HACCP based, Global Food Safety, standards.
It is our goal to give our customers the finest, most wholesome foods possible. We believe it a requirement to take the necessary steps to maintain a high integrity Food Safety Management Program.  We are committed to doing everything possible to reduce these hazards through preventive measures.
To oversee the thoroughness of our program, we have a certified, independent, 3rd party auditing company conduct on-site audits and report their findings. We are proud of our impeccable Food Safety ratings, and continue to strive to provide the safest, most pure, Shiitake mushrooms to our customers.

Our Stamp of Approval

See our PrimusGFS stamp of approval and rest assured that our Food Safety standards are recognized world wide.  Being Food Safety certified means we take safety seriously, and ensure that our product is clean, free of harmful bacteria and other substances, and meets the highest standards in order to protect our consumers.