At Top Hat Mushrooms, our purpose is to help each other advance through teamwork. A good example is in the following short story.

There were 3 runners in a "Special Olympics" race.  They all had been training individually in the months leading up to the Special Olympics and each had their own dreams of "winning the race."  The day of the race was finally here and they were prepared and very excited.  All 3 of the runners got off to a good start but about halfway through the race one of the runners fell down.  The other two runners, not noticing the other runner's misfortune, continued running, excitedly seeing the finish line getting closer.  Then they both happened to notice that the fallen runner was laying on the track behind them.  Without hesitation, they both turned around and ran back to help their fellow runner. They both helped the runner get up and arm in arm they crossed the finish line together.  All of them being winners together.